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There is a very awful scam going around on the internet today which is meant to violate anyone’s privacy in many ways. This scam allows people to get anyone’s email password, PayPal information, facebook password, etc. however, those who fall in the scam do it because they are not aware of the way it works. See, when you think about hacking a PayPal account, it is very easy to imagine a complex, professional system that somehow guesses passwords, or a virus that infects the victim’s computer to get private information out. However, the process is one of the most simple hacking methods existent. In fact, I don’t even know if you can call it hacking.
The system is based in a simple lie. That is what it does. It cheats on its victims through a fake email. See, all these sites in which you require a password and a username require you to register an email account to receive all important news about your account. Well, this hack is based in creating a fake webpage that looks exactly the same as another site. For example, the victim can receive an email with a message from PayPal and a link to “the site” so that they can enter their account and see the update themselves. People normally click the link and enter they username and password in the site that appears. What they don’t know is that the site they are filling with their data is actually fake. It is just a picture with two spaces to write on. Whatever is written in these spaces is saved and used to steal money from the accounts. Always be careful and check that your address bar says www.PayPal.com/.... If there is a little variation in the name, don’t proceed.


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