Zero Investment Business Opportunity

Anyone who spends any amount of time on the Web has probably seen hundreds of popup ads claiming "Zero Investment Business Opportunity" and has probably dismissed them as bogus ads. After all, you can't get something for nothing - or can you? Actually, there really is no such thing as a 'zero' investment business opportunity in the literal sense of the word because you will always need to invest something, whether it is time, effort, expertise or simply your name. Perhaps you will not need to invest capital (money) or assets, but there are few times when you can actually sit back and get something for nothing. Even lottery tickets, after all, had to be paid for in cash.

Internet Business Opportunities
You will find that there are some types of businesses that you can work online which require little or no cash down to start up. However, if you factor in the cost of internet service, the computer you are working on as well as the power it takes to run that computer, you have just made an investment! Then you need to factor in the hours you put into making that business happen. Whether it is selling products as an affiliate or writing blogs, you are spending your time and sharing your talents to sell a product or service.

Home-Based Business Opportunities
Then there are the home-based business opportunities you come across all the time. You will see signs stuck in the ground on corners in your neighborhood, notices pinned to bulletin boards in your local grocery stores and even notices tacked on telephone poles or ads placed in your local newspapers. They all claim to have zero investment business opportunities you can work from home. Should you call to inquire, there probably isn't a start up fee per se, but you will be charged a hefty sum for the '˜kit' you need in order to sell products or the information manual you need to get leads.

Low Investment Business Opportunities
On the other hand, there are a ton of low investment business opportunities which you can take advantage of that requires a capital outlay of less than $100 in most cases. For instance, do a little research on penny stocks. Many times you can find these startup companies that are trading stocks for as low as $4 to $5 per share! Then there are EFT's which often require little cash to start turning a profit. You will spend just as much time researching the best penny stocks and EFT's to invest in as you would building a website or working your leads as you would in those business 'ventures' (the word is used loosely!) mentioned above, with a whole lot better chance of actually seeing a profit.

The point is, unless you are extremely lucky there are few times in life where you actually get something for nothing. Unless some philanthropist knocks on your door and hands you a check for a million dollars you know you will need to invest something. Even pro athletes who endorse cereals and sportswear invest something in order to get paid for that endorsement – their name! If you want to make money then be prepared to invest something, whether it is your time, talent, knowledge or your bank account. You can find ways to make money with a low investment business opportunity, but you will seldom see a zero investment business opportunity that doesn't require something of value from you. With $100 you can start the ball rolling in penny stocks or EFT's which would be a sound investment from a business perspective.